What Is Search Engine Optimization?

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WHAT IS SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work or system used to make web pages visible in searches on the internet.  Search engine optimization includes many detailed processes.  We has created a list below containing the SEO processes.  Hopefully our list will lead to a better understanding about “what is SEO? The list is characterized into two segments called On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On Page Optimization 

Keyword Research – keyword research is crucial to understanding SEO.  As the research helps to define the exact words to use when designing web pages and writing content. The keyword research is based on analyzing data provided by search engines like Google through the use of their Adwords Tools.  This keyword data shows the number of searches that a word gets every month, and a list of other related keywords.

For example, if you have an online toy store you may want to begin your SEO strategy by researching the keyword “toys”.  A search of the word “toys” using Google Adwords will produce a lot of important information.  The data you receive for the keyword “toys” will also include all the relevant keywords that go along with “toys”.   In the list you will see soft toys, musical toys, baby toy, bouncing toys and more…  The data will also include the number of times a keyword is searched each month.  This information is very important to structuring a website that is optimized for SEO and hopefully helps you understand “what is SEO” a little bit better.

Web Page Planning – the keywords that were gathered from the “toys” keyword search are then analysed to decide the type of page and also how many pages to include in your website.  An important factor in learning what is SEO, is to know how to structure all the web page keyword terms together.

Our goal would be to form a coherent relevant web page that is free from redundant or duplicate content.  Search engines place a high value on web sites whose keywords are all relevant to the central topic or classification of the website.  In the case of designing a toy store.  It would not make sense to include dog or cat toys with children or baby toys.  As the relationship between baby toys and dog toys is vague and tends to confuse both search engines and visitors.

Content Creation – Search engines love new content, and will usually reward websites that post new content better SERPs than websites that do not update their websites. In addition to creating new material, the content has to be well written, free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.   Always think of the end user when creating content.  As the better the user experience, the higher the websites value to search engines.

It’s important to note that search engine companies such as Google are getting better and better at determining if a webpage is well written.

Internal Page Linking – is a SEO process that links the pages of websites together.  This internal linking tells search engines that your website is related or has relevancy.  Relevancy is an important part of successful SEO. Search engines like to crawl your internal links to discover new pages on your website.  This internal “crawling” helps Google to establish relevance between your website pages.

Off Page Optimization

External Link Building – external link building occurs when hyperlinks are created on other websites, blogs, online directories or any other internet based medium, and point to your website.  Each link had a value that was based generally on page rank.  The higher the page rank the more strength or value that link had.  It’s best to think of page rank and links as “votes”.  The more votes that were connected to your website.  The more likely your website was going to rank number one.  It is important to note that due to Google’s algorithms such as Penguin and Panda.  External link building is not as significant as it once was.  Today good content is much more important than links.

In the past search engines were not smart enough to know much detail about the links that connect between webpages.  Black Hat SEO took advantage of search engines inability to rate links on very little other than page rank.  This inability lead to the creation of link farms and other paid link schemes that were used to grow links from every source imaginable.  For a fee, these links could be pointed to your website which would dramatically improve its search engine rankings.

Very recently, a series of search engine updates to their algorithms which now let’s search engines determine if links are natural or paid for.  While the algorithms is not 100% perfect they are very accurate.  Link buying and paid links are becoming increasingly less since the updates of the algorithms.

Social Signals – Social signals are relatively new to SEO.  What they do is they tell search engines how popular your web site is by how many people “Facebook like” your page or “Google+” your page or connect to your webpage via LinkedIn.

There are a lot of topics that should go into explaining but are too in-depth to cover on one webpage.  We hope that you have a much better understanding of what is SEO and will continue to learn about SEO from our website.


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