Thanks for visiting this page!  We have made some updates to reflect changes any changes in seo techniques that may have occurred since our initial publishing date way back in September 15, 2015.  Thankfully, our SEO strategies are still correct to suggesting that great content and a quality user experience are the most important factors for ranking a website high, in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).
Our favourite Search Engine Optimization techniques uses a two pronged approach which combines  the creation of original content that matches the users keyword selection (called user intent), with a user friendly website page that also offers the user the best overall user experience (UX). While there are still many SEO theories on how to get to rank your keywords number one, we feel that the best source of information for search engine optimization is stated in Google’s mission statement.  Which is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It is also important to note that Google entire search engine strategy should be focused on keeping its user’s happy, as the switching costs are almost non-existent, once Google search starts reporting substandard results, it’s users can easily switch to either Bing, Yahoo or Ask search engine.

Build a Great Website, It’s Googles Job to Find You!

In SEO you do not want to second guess your work.   Make sure to always fix the mechanical parts (On Page SEO) of SEO such as the meta titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, image attributes. It is very important to correct all the on page errors, the work you perform will give you a solid foundation.  At Malaysian SEO Services, we always start a new seo project with a full SEO audit on the clients website.
Provide Real Value For Your Vistors –  Thanks to Google’s artificial intellegence (RankBrain), their search engine algorithms now include user interactions.  By recording such interactions their search algorithms can begin to learn what atributes constitue a good user experience. So It’s a safe bet to focus your long term strategy on providing users the best content and user experience.  It’s interesting to note that Google has been releasing many new tools to test and monitors your websites vistors.

We feel that providing great content and user experience will always be the best strategy when performing search engine optimization, as the work you perform will also yield significant gains in converting your website visitors into new customers.

Focus On The User By now, it should be crystal clear that our favourite SEO technique is to focus our efforts on both the user and the keyword relevance. On several occasions, we have even used Googles Pay Per Click (PPC) services to get a good sample set of data on a user’s interaction with our new website page. If we find that our paid traffic for a particular keyword is not resonating with the visitors, we will breakdown the website page and try to redesign the page to meet the needs of the visitor.

It’s interesting to note that Google appears to rank new pages faster when we initiate a PPC campaign.  It is our belief that the faster ranking process is due impart to the faster acquisition of user related data for the new webpage.

 In other words, imagine that Google needs at least thirty visitors before they begin ranking a new website page, with PPC, we can meet that criteria quite fast when using PPC.   On the other hand it may take some time for a new website page to acquire the same number of visitors, especially if the page debuts on page 12!


Stay Relevant With Your SEO Strategy – If you’re planning on performing SEO for a long term website, you would be well advised to create a SEO strategy that is in line with Googles mission & philosophy.

Recently Google has made public, there Search Quality Rating Guidelines, which should offer a lot of details on the type of website and user experience that Google expects for their top ranking results.

The science of SEO is always changing and it’s always a good idea to take a step back once and a while and reevaluate your SEO technigues and strategies.  Why not request a FREE website audit that we provide?  It may open your eyes to a few new seo technigues that will help you move up in rank over your competition.

Google states quite elegantly, “focus on the user and all else will follow” which strongly suggest that every SEO campaign begins with the related keyword user.  As a matter of fact, we use this very statement as part of our qualifying guideline, when we validate a client’s search engine optimization goals.
SEO Today, Less Magic & More Work SEO optimization is much less likely to be “gamed” in 2015, than it was in 2014, and this trend continues backwards to the beginning of search engine optimization.  Every year, the short cuts to getting fast and easy SERPS disappear, and it is replace by Google constant reminder that they want results that put the end user as the sole determinant of who gets to sit in first place on the results page. Of course Google has to safe guard such a search algorithm from being gamed, as people would hired in numbers to “pretend” to be satisfied visitors on a website page.  This is the pure beauty of optimizing a website for Google’s search engine, as they take great pains to level the playing field for all of the contenders for a keyword.
We wrote this article, SEO Techniques way back in 2015.  Since then we have helped countless businesses in Malasyia and beyond, effectively market their company with organic search optimization.  We are very confident that we can help increase your websites search engine rank for many of the keywords that you want using the same techniques outlined on this page.

Of course we also have a few whitehat tricks (nothing magical – just a lot of hard work, performed in an optimized fashion) that we use to gain the extra advantage in search engine optimization.