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Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy that can offer enormous benefits for your business. In many cases the only way to understand the benefits is when you actually perform seo on your website. Let us provide you with a professional consultation that talks about your specific needs as a business in Asia.

Is SEO Right For My Business?

SEO Involves a Busienss Commitment, Will Your Company Benefit?

Malaysian SEO Services was created to help businesses expand their reach by using the internet.  Our mission is to provide reliable, consistant search engine marketing results for our clients.  We focus on acquiring the lowest cost leads for our clients which sometimes involve both Google AdWords and organic search or possibly Facebook marketing or LinkedIn ads.

How SEO Works?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of ranking a website in search engines.  Search Engine Optimization in general is based on guidelines given by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex.  A Search Engines goal is to provide useful relevant information to its users, the search engine makes it money through advertising the space on the search or search query page.

Search Engines rank websites in terms of quality and relevance which cover many different areas. Search Engine’s routinely measure and test websites to find and categorize (index) the information found on the internet.  They use a mathematical equation (Algorithm) to determine the ranking of their search results.

Do I Really Need SEO?

If you’re in business, you probably need to market your goods and services.  The internet offers one of the best ways to market products and services. Marketing online with the internet is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which includes both organic search and paid search.  Most business like to spend as little as possible for marketing and consider organic search as free.

Unfortunately, they do not realize that – there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  At Malaysian SEO Services, we help our clients plan their marketing strategy by studying both their competitors and their intended market.  After our analysis, we then arm them with strategic business information that will help them to determine the most cost effective method to meet their online business objectives.

Can I Trust A SEO Company?

The best way to determine is a SEO company is honest is to ask for reliable references of their past work.  Another sign of a unscrupulous seo company is when they do more talking than listening.  How can an seo company tell you that they can help your business in search engine optimization, when they do not even know about your business?

A reputable SEO company will not promise the world, they will not accept every project,  they will send you monthly or quarterly updates, that illustrates the goals that have been achieved.

“SEO Should Be About Meeting Your Business Goals”

Will SEO Work For Me?

Search Engine Optimization is a relative game.  Winning the game is about more than just ranking number one for a specific search term.  Winning with SEO means that your business is using seo as a means to acquire the lowest cost “quality” leads. The leads should also be able to convert into actual sales for your products and services.

If your recieving tons of inexpensive relevant traffic to your website, you most likely have an effective seo strategy.  the question then arrises, is your seo strategy profitable?  

At Malaysian SEO Services, we try to take the guess work out of search Engine Marketing by performing the proper analytics to accurately measure the costs and benefits of our seo activities.

What Goes Into Our SEO Packages?

Search Engine Optimization is based on strategy, and without a good plan most search engine optimization campaigns fail.  We always recommend that we start every seo campaign with a competitive analysis of the clients intended market.  We also want to learn about the clients target market in order to learn what their visitors wants and needs will be.

We focus our seo efforts on finding the “right” traffic for our clients.  It makes so sense to rank for keywords that do not meet a clients objective for selling or branding.

Alternatives To Searh Engine Optimization

Marketing with the internet offers several different choices for marketing your business products and services.  The three top channels involve organic search, paid advertising on search engines, and social media.All of these channels offer different rates of success and can be very industry specific.

Its always a good idea to “test the waters”, as you never know when you might find your niche solution to your new marketing channel.  At Malaysian SEO Services, we offer our clients a broad array of choices for their marketing budget.  Our goal is to provide the lowest cost, quality traffic to their website.

Hedging Your Search Engine Marketing

Many of our SEO clients also use our Paid AdWords management and social media services.  While they most likely have one marketing channel that outperforms the others.  They do like to be active in many different marketing channels so they may capitalize on future opportunities when they occur.

Success = Understanding Competitors + Visitors


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