Too many times, clients want fast results from our SEO work, without fully understanding the entire SEO process.  In such circumstances we always request that the client use Google Adwords if they need fast results. This way our client can test new keywords, marketing campaigns and pricing without affecting their long term SEO strategy.  From our experience theirs no real short-cut to rank a website number one anymore, as today’s search engine algorithms are just too smart to trick. Our modern SEO philosophy views search engine optimization as a building process that is always changing, learning and growing to better adapt to a users keyword experience.  We base this philosophy on one core principle,  that realizes the fact that Search Engine has a very low switching cost to it’s users.  Which means that if a Google Chrome user wanted to switch to another search engine such as Yahoo, Bing or Baidu, the user’s cost would be incredibly small.  Their costs may involve the few minutes that the need to change their browser’s settings.