SEO was always home to speculation which is partially due to it being closely connected to tech innovations.

In order to stay in the loop and up your game, you constantly need to be ahead of the curve whether we talk about type of content you’re producing or how you’re optimizing website off-page.

By simply understanding current algorithms, you will get an enormous head start over your competitors.

All of this means that the ability to predict future is very important for this industry as it gives you an advantage.

When we’re talking about 2022 there haven’t been many changes.

Google is on the same track as it was during previous years. However, although these things may seem negligible they are definitely changing the landscape and the way we are doing our job.

Let’s see what has been happening in 2022 and which path is SEO taking.


Machine learning

Google RankBrain algorithm shook the world in 2016. This news was interesting both to optimizers as well as other people working in IT. Although some time has passed, we still have limited information regarding this revolutionary system.

When we’re talking about things that happened in 2022, we haven’t seen much news about it. It seems that the topic lost its initial momentum and there weren’t many updates (although even the initial information we’ve received was scarce).

According to Google, this system is implemented only on a small part of all the keywords (about 15%). Still, it poses a question how far has Google gone in using it for regular queries.

In terms of algorithm updates, we got Fred.

This update was focused on content quality and purging websites that are of low quality. It also dealt with websites that are highly promotional and ad heavy. Still, it seems that it doesn’t have much connection to RankBrain.

Until the rest of the year we should keep our eyes peel expecting any updates on RankBrain. It is definitely something that can catch us all by surprise and still poses a threat to SEO as we know it.


Website speed

Speed of a website is a factor that has been important for quite a while.

Today, there are a lot of website owners and SEOs who are simply crazy about this stat.

So what is so great about website speed?

First, it is necessary to mention SEO aspect. Websites that load quickly get a minor boost from Google. This by itself would be enough for you to hasten your pages.

But wait! There is more.

It has been shown that speed has a crucial impact on conversion. With every additional second user waits, there is 10 % chance they will leave the page. In that regard, it is something you should always consider.

This of course raises some other questions. It seems that Google is trying to simplify website designs. It is also a bit contradictive given the fact that slow pages have a lot of digital content, such as videos and infographics, content that users otherwise like.

So even though it helps with one aspect, it has a negative impact on some other things when it comes to user experience.


Mobile friendliness

Being mobile-friendly is the next thing that is becoming increasingly important in 2022.

Nowadays more than 50 % of users access the Internet from their mobile device. This is very important both for content creators and Google.

Due to these overwhelming stats, Google has slowly decided to give advantage to mobile versions of a page. But not only that. It also boosts pages that open properly on mobile devices.

In a nutshell, whatever you do with your site design make sure it’s responsive.


Website security

Another thing that is often mentioned within SEO community is website security or to be more precise, migrating HTTP protocol to HTTPS.

Again, trying to assist website users, Google has started giving advantage to website that have converted to HTTPS or safe protocol. Such protocol is much better for your information and it protect you from any third party intrusion.

We have seen so many websites that have changed to this encryption and it is only a matter of time when all sites will be using HTTPS.

So far 50% of the internet have migrated to secured sites which is an immense positive change.


Text “Written” content

Although SEO is a very vast topic and there are numerous skills you can improve, most people limit themselves to link building and content creation. This makes sense to an extent given that these services are most sought after.

During this year, we have seen smaller changes when it comes to content, what is popular and what brings more links.

Always bear in mind that content is dependent on trends: when you create a new concept, you suddenly become a rock star and this lasts for a while until everyone starts copying your content.

If you consider that, it is somewhat normal that in 2022 popular content such as ultimate guide, expert roundups and infographics have seen a bit of a decline.

However, this gave rise to something completely different.

 SEO & Video Content

Due to increased popularity of YouTube and more mobile users accessing the web, it is only logical that search will slowly focus on videos.

Google recognizes people’s needs and is more inclined to place videos among top 10 results. One type of content that has shown amazing results is animated explainer videos.

This kind of video is mainly used by companies that have no other way of creating video content.

What do I mean by that?

There are certain industries that are not so entertaining and making videos for such industries would results in a fail. So the alternative (in form of explainers has been created).

Here are 14 amazing types of animated explainers which can help your business regardless of how boring your niche is.

Explainers are short videos that are meant to describe a term in couple of minutes. They are more scientific than entertaining. If you observe it from another perspective, this is nothing more than textual content converted in digital form.

Explainers may last for a while due to video trend.

Final thoughts

If you think about it, SEO hasn’t changed that much.

We are progressing with technology and search engine recognize this. At the same time, company is constantly trying to improve user experience by affecting websites in various ways.