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Malaysian SEO Services is committed to your online marketing success.  We created the SEM News page as a place to discuss the latest trends in online marketing.  We discuss such topics as search engine optimization, Google AdWords, conversion rate optimization, and more.  Feel free to contact us.


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Malaysian SEO Services believes that the best client is an educated client in terms of SEO and digital marketing.  We created this news blog to help inform our clients and potential clients about digital marketing in Malaysia, Asia and the World.  We cover topics including SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media, YouTube, Email Marketing and more.  Our goals is to offer fresh information on marketing topics that affect you.

Long Term SEO Strategy

Long Term SEO strategies should be an integral part of every business in Malaysia, as it is the most cost effective way to fund a company’s online advertising needs.  In today’s maturing market place, consumers have significantly increased their use of the internet to...

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Starter SEO Package

seo Starter servicesProfessional SEO Services That Deliver Results! Malaysian SEO Services can help you with your new startup or business. We can also help existing business by evaluating your online competitors and working with you to determine your best online...

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E commerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO Services Professional SEO Services That Deliver Results! Search Engine Optimization purpose is to reduce a companies digital marketing costs. Ecommerce is extremely cost-centric and can benefit the most from a fully optimized website. SEO also adds a...

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What Is Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a broad tactic of promoting a website on the internet.  Search engine marketing tactics involve the use of both organic search (SEO) and paid search called pay per click (PCP).  It is interesting to note...

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Google Hummingbird Has Arrived

Hello Google Hummingbird!   Forget Keywords, It’s all about Intent Now First there was Google’s Penguin, then came Panda and now it’s Hummingbird!  A few weeks ago Google rolled out their latest search algorithm called Hummingbird. This new search...

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Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Steps to Improve your Search Engine Ranking   Fix Your Site First (before creating new content) If you have a website and do business on the internet, you’re always looking for ways to improve search engine ranking.  While adding new content and building new...

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