Long Term SEO strategies should be an integral part of every business in Malaysia, as it is the most cost effective way to fund a company’s online advertising needs.  In today’s maturing market place, consumers have significantly increased their use of the internet to purchase goods and services.  This trend makes it mandatory to not only have a website, but to also have an internet marketing plan for your website.


Plan Ahead For SEO Success

Many businesses in Malaysia take a “look and see” attitude when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. What they fail to realize is that it takes time to develop a presence on the internet, and if they wait too long before initiating a SEO plan.  They may find it very difficult to catch their competitor accumulated work.  Often some companies put pressure on SEO specialist to cut corners which eventually leads to Google penalties for Black Hat methods.


Plan Your SEO Strategy for the Next 5 Years

A good long term SEO strategy will focus on building a solid reputation for your goods and services.  This reputation in most instances needs to be earned from Google, as they will usually rank the most authoritative website in the top position for related keywords.  This authority is built from a websites understanding and scope of a subject and the subsequent interactions with visitors.


Experience Does Matter In Your SEO Strategy

A Long Term SEO strategies should involve hiring experienced Search Engine Optimization experts who fully understand both your business and your intended goals and direction of internet search.  Their extensive industry knowledge will be extremely valuable as they should have a good idea on what will keep a website competitive in SERPs for years to come.


Benefits of a Long Term SEO Strategy 

As a client’s website begins to grow by adding additional useful information, so will the variation of the keywords that the website begins to ranking. The network of keywords will over time lead to significant organic traffic which statistically have a higher probability of making a purchase or phone call.

It is our feeling that the conversation rate increases due to the visitor’s familiarity with the website, as the visitor most likely has visited the website on several occasions due to the organic search results.  As your organic search expands your SEO will have data available to use to help track the effectiveness of the different keywords.


What does Long Term SEO Consist Of?

An experienced SEO will first learn about your company and its objectives.  They will then look at your present online competitors and possible future competitors.  They will then track these sites to monitor their online SEO activities.

While tracking your competitor’s activities, they should also begin to add strategic website pages and links that will increase your websites authority.  In addition to content and pages they should analyize the websites data to insure that the websites visitors are interacting well with the sites visitors.

If they find that some pages have high bounce rates, or low click through they should investigate to see how to increase the visitor’s user experience.


Is Your SEO Strategy Relevant?

Search engine optimization is constantly changing and requires SEO experts to constantly monitor Googles, Bings and Yahoos SEO news channels for the latest discussions on SEO.

A long term SEO strategy should also change over time as different standards for ranking websites are made known.

If you’re not keeping up with the latest SEO standards our watching Googles new patents and test algorithms your long term SEO strategy may be based more on hunches and less on analysis and studies.