Steps to Improve your Search Engine Ranking


Fix Your Site First (before creating new content)

If you have a website and do business on the internet, you’re always looking for ways to improve search engine ranking.  While adding new content and building new links may help to improve your search engine ranking.  It might be better SEO strategy to first focus on your current website. By trying to improve or fix issues that may affect your websites present SEO, before creating new web content.

Google’s Webmaster tools is a great free online tool that performs some noteworthy diagnostics on your website.  The first task that you should be perform with Google Webmaster tools is to check for any site messages.  The site messages will have different severity levels that help you focus on the most important warnings first.

Refresh Your Sitemap Often

Once you check and correct any Site message issues.  You should then check how your sitemap is functioning.  Google Webmaster tools will show you how many pages and images have been indexed, as well as any issues your sitemap file might be having.

Now makes a great time to update your sitemap.xml file.  First test the file with Webmaster tools and then resubmit your sitemap.  Google like updated sitemap.xml files so submit your sitemap.xml often.  There are a few cron job type scripts that will actually submit your sitemap.xml files on a regular schedule.

Fix HTML Errors (Also Check for Dead Links)

Google’s webmaster tools also offers a feature that lets you check for any webpage URLs that may be generating a 404 error.  This 404 error means that the URL for the page cannot be found.  Such errors give search users a bad experience which search engines frown upon.  So it would be wise to resolve all your 404 errors.

Google’s Webmaster tools also help you check both internal and external links to your site.  It is important today to make sure websites that link to you site add positive “link juice” to your site.  There are many cases, where SEO experts are using tools like Google’s webmaster to remove some links take may have a negative impact on their website.  We’ll take a look at analyzing link health in another article.

Lastly Google’s webmaster tool shows you how to improve your website through the use of better HTML.  It will show you problems with your meta descriptions and title tags.  If you take some time to figure out how Google webmaster tool works.  You be able to resolve some serious issues in a very efficient manner. When you begin focusing on resolving web site issues you’ll definitely be improving your search engine ranking.

Check Your Meta Titles, Descriptions, Images… 

There’s a second tool take should be used after your done with Google’s webmaster tool.  It’s called SEOQuake and works with your web browser.  The tool allows you to check your URL, titles, meta description, meta keywords, headings, images, text/HTML ratio, Google Analytics setting, geo meta tags and more.  It’s a very powerful tool!

SEOQuake will also provide a nice printable report that shows users what problems are occurring and how to fix them.  The tool even links to web pages that will explain in further detail the problems that occurred on your web site, and how to fix them. I especially like to use the tool while browsing through my site’s many webpages.  As I browse I can check in real time my webpages meta titles, meta descriptions and heading text (H1, H2, H3, H4…) and more.

Use Google Speed Page Insight to Test Web Sight Performance

In addition to Webmaster tools, and SEOQuake theirs another great tool that will help to improve your search engine ranking.  It’s called Google Speed Page Insights, this tool is great for measuring your website speed for both computers and personal mobile devices.  With the big focus on mobile search, you need to take a very serious look at your websites performance on mobile devices.

Google and other search engine have set standards on the load time for websites.  So if your website is loading slowly it will be penalized in SERPs.  It would be well worth your effort to analyse your website using Speed Page Insights and then try to implement ant recommendations that they may offer.


While there are quite a few methods to increase your search engine ranking.  You’re helping to create lasting value SEO for your website by first checking on your present website for any issues that may arise.  As the quality of your webpages increase so will your rankings.  It’s only a matter of time.