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We created this FREE SEO Tools web page for people who want to learn more about SEO.  While all the SEO Tools here function as free tools, some may only be used for a trial period, or have a limited set of features available to the “free” user.


We are always looking for new tools to add to our listings.  If your a SEO tool developer or just want to contribute to our FREE SEO Tool Page, send us enough information about tool that you would like to add, do not forget to let us know why you like the tool!   Below is a list of the categories and there descriptions.


Note: we have included some tools that are outside of standard SEO tools as we thought the additional tool categories would add value to our users visits.  Enjoy!


Free SEO Tool Category & Description


Analytic Tools – are online downloadable tools that help to analyze your website.

Content Tools – are tools that take a close look at the content that shows up on your website.  Topics included in this category would include duplicate content, keywords count and analysis, and also include other metrics that search engines may use to evaluate your website content.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools – contains tools used to help analyze visitors actions when landing on your website.

Email Tools – tools in this category would be of value to webmasters and SEO specialists.  Their functions can be varied, the only criteria for being listed is to increase the users productivity and user experience.

Keyword Research Tools – Free tools in this section will help in researching keywords for use in SEO and Online Internet Marketing.

Link Building Tools – The tools in this section will help to diagnose both internal and external links.

Link Research Tools – Tools found in this section will be used to analysis potential sources of external links.

Productivity Tools – can relate to any free online or software download that makes our lives more productive.  A greater user experience would be an additional externality of the tool.

Robot.txt Tools – tools used to help keep track the health of the robot.txt files.  Most likely the tools found in this section will come as a tool suite.

SEO Diagnostic Tools – any free tool that helps with diagnosing SEO problems both on-page and off-page.

SERPs tracking Tools – are tools use to track your SERPs.

Social Analytic Tools – tools to track and analyze social media, your website and the resulting SEO benefits.

Toolbar Browser Tools – Tools in this section will be focus on live use with your web browser.  They are great tools when analyzing websites while searching the net.

Video Tools – Tools for creating and editing videos.  Any video tool that will help directly or indirectly in boosting SEO.

Website Tools Suite – a group of versatile tools that come together as a package.  SEO Quake would fit in this category.

Website Speed Test Tools –  any tool that provides data on your website speed.


We hope that you enjoy our list of FREE SEO tools.  If you have any comments or suggestions to make this webpage better.

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