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Malaysian SEO Services focuses on your business results.  We understand that a successful marketing campaign involves more than back links and great content. We take the extra time to learn about your business needs and to adapt a profitable, cost effective marketing strategy that utilizes the benefits of search engine optimization.

An effective SEO strategy helps minimize the cost of your online marketing.  A SEO campaign’s success relies on understanding your target market and adapting a seo strategy that meets your business requirements..

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Keyword Analysis & Strategy

A profitable SEO Campaign begins with a professional keyword analysis & strategy.

Market Research & Analysis

Our research helps our clients position their brand above the competitors.

Local and International SEO

We provide professional SEO Services for both local and international search.

Profit Analysis & Reporting

We work hard to align our marketing strategies with our clients profitability.

Effective Strategies

We help companies balance their marketing resources by providing cost effective search engine marketing  (SEM) solutions.

Focus on Profits

Our marketing analytics keeps business on top with actionable information and reporting. Our analytics also focuses on cost savings & profits.

Flexible Contracts

All of our contracts are open ended, which means we have to deliver results every month.  Flexiable contracts adapt well to cashflow.


Many companies in Asia spend very little on branding their companies. The lack of branding can significantly reduce their profit margins as customers do not understand the “extra value” that their company has to offer.

The need for information provides a golden opportunity for businesses to establish brand presence by providing relevant information in a useful manner for potential customers.

Branding helps companies protect their profit margin by convincing potential buyers that their products and services are superior to its competitors.  Data suggests that buyers tend to believe organic results over paid advertising.

We have also tracked our organically ranked results and found that they produced significantly higher conversions than did their paid counterparts.

Long Term SEO strategies offer the best potential for a profitable seo campaign as the effects of SEO work is cumulative. Imagine the possibilities of years of low cost traffic to your company’s website. Contact us for a FREE consultation on SEO and Digital Marketing.

A great SEO strategy maximizes a client’s resources to produce the most results within a set budget. This means that research has to go into selecting the best “money” keywords for a SEO strategy.


Knowing which keywords leads to purchases or phone calls make a big difference. Such information will significantly reduce your online marketing costs. Contact us today to learn more about our cost effective marketing.

Our SEO team will set up the proper analytical reporting,  to determine which keywords are producing real results for your business.

Once we understand which keywords are making your company money,  we will then put our team to work targeting the money keywords with a profitable seo strategy.

We feel that our seo services should be measured for the value that it offers our clients.  We use the latest analytical tools to accurately determine which keywords are producing real results.


We begin every SEO campaign with a complete audit of your website and content. We then work with you to develop a profitable keyword strategy. We then begin to study your competitors to learn how to over take their ranking positions.
According to Search Engine Journal 98.5% of  internet searches end on the first page.  We work hard to make sure that your keywords rank on the first page. In addition to ranking on the first page, our seo work, should keep your keywords on the first page for a very long time.  Long lasting results are the hallmark of a professional seo campaign. Our SEO agency is focused on delivering long lasting first page results for our clients.  We also add an extra bonus of providing critical data on which keywords are actually leading towards results.
Ranking on the first page is essential in the world of internet marketing.  If your website is not listed on the first page, you’re most likely losing out on a lot of business!  Get back in the game with SEO.

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All it takes is one phone call or email to supercharge your business with the benefits of a good SEO strategy! During our conversation, we’ll discuss both your current website and your online business goals. We’ll even give you free SEO advice for your website.

Our SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is no longer about just links and content.  Today’s Search Engines are getting smarter and many now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help determine a websites ranking position. Google’s search engines have been using artificial intelligence  (RankBrain)  since 2015.  Google considers RankBrain as a major component in its search engine algorithm. As search engines become smarter, the ranking criteria will continue to focus more on quality, relevance and user interaction. We feel that the future of SEO has to be responsive to a target markets needs by continually monitoring user interactions.  If changes in a target market occur, we want our clients to be the first to know. We feel that the future of SEO will focus more on the interaction between a sites visitor and its website than on the number of links. Malaysian SEO Services helps businesses understand their customers through the use of analytics and data modeling.  We feel that the future of SEO has to continue to be responsive to a target markets needs and will benefit greatly from increased analytics and predictive modeling techniques.

Goal Orientated Search Results

Search Engine Optimization works best when the marketing efforts are supported by of data that lead towards a companies branding or financial goals. All of our efforts take into account your businesses end game”, we understand that seo is not the ultimate goal for most companies.  SEO is used to lower the cost of reaching your target audiences.

Additional Marketing Services

Malaysian SEO Services understands that search engine optimization is only one facet of search engine marketing (SEM).  He offer our clients additional services such as Google AdWords, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), User Experience (UX) Design & Analysis, Website Design, Web Maintenance, and much more..  Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of marketing services so you can achieve your company goals.  We have been involved in Search Engine Marketing for many years and have developed a highly professional team.

Google AdWords

A properly managed pay per click campaign is the best way to test a market. We usually recommend a balanced PPC & SEO campaign.

Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates are the best way to gauge the success of a SEO strategy. Let us work with you to increase your conversion rates.

User Experience

User Experiance (UX), plays an important role in both seo and conversions.  We are highly trained in UX design and implementation.

Common SEO Questions

Search Engine Optimization is always changing which means information has to be constantly updated to stay relevant in todays marketing landscape. We listed below a set of common questions that we recieve from our clients. Please take a little time to review our list to learn more about SEO and how it can affect your business.  Always feel free to contact us for a personalize answer.
What is the Minimum SEO Contract?

At Malaysian SEO Services, we leave our contracts “open ended” to benefit our clients.  Monthly contracts work in favor of the client as they will expect to see monthly reports and worksheets that show both the progress in organic rank and the seo groundwork that is being performed.

We send out monthly reports to showcase the seo work that we are performing.  We also send our ranking reports that report on both the clients and their competitors keyword ranking.  

Due to billing cycle fluctuations, we do recommend that our clients pay one month in advance as it helps us keep the work flow consistent by allowing us to continue our work without the need to hesitate until payment has cleared our banking facilities.

What is Better, Pay Per Click or SEO?

Our SEO Services mainly focus on search engine optimization, we do offer professional services for Google AdWords and Facebook marketing.  

In today’s, constantly changing world, we actually recommend to clients that we perform several different types of search engine marketing (SEM) as the combination of using three distinct marketing channels will help to safeguard any sudden changes to one marketing channel.

Diversity in today’s SEM makes a lot of sense and gives clients a piece of mind when thinking about the future.

What do you provide with SEO Services?
Our SEO Services provide our clients with a professionally managed SEO campaign. Our SEO tactics consist of 100% White Hat SEO. We help clients structure their website, manage their content, develop new pages, optimize user experience, add new external linking and more.
How Much will SEO Cost?

Determining a cost to achieve a special keyword ranking involves many factors and cannot be easily estimated. We will do our best to provide a professional opinion that will take into account such factors as the competitiveness of your selected keywords, your on-page website metrics, your link profile, and your competitors’ website on-page metrics and link profiles.

We require a complete competitive analysis before we formulate a optimization strategy.  Our competitive analysis and on-page website audits usually take between 6 – 10 hours and will provide tremendous insight about your competitors seo.  These insights will help us with forecasting more reliable goals and benchmarks.

How Long to Rank on Page #1?
Search Engine Keyword Rankings are based on a variety of factors such as the quality of your website and your level of competition. While we can estimate the work we do on your website, we cannot predict exactly when a search engine will favor your website over a competitor. We can promise to you that we will work fast to achieve a high ranking position while using White Hat optimization techniques. As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend that any SEO campaign be performed for at least three months before determining if a seo strategy is working.  It is important to note that there is a downside to requiring companies to rank certain keywords as a performance incentive.

In some circumstances, seo strategies can be gamed to provide short term gains which will fulfill a contract requirement but fall short in terms of a client’s expectations.  So beware of putting too much emphasis on targeted rank as their are ways to get a keyword to “pop” just long enough to fulfill a contract obligation.

Can SEO Save Me Money?

Many of our SEO clients experience positive growth form our SEO services.  At Malaysian SEO Services, we take a special interest in tracking our clients success.

If a client is not making money with their website, we’ll take an in-depth and recommend changes to their design and copywriting.  The changes in design and copywriting are targeted to increase sales or product inquiries.

Our services go beyond just landing your website on page one.  It’s also about providing you with the best advice on generating profits for your business.

If you’re not a client of ours sign up for our FREE consultation. During our meeting, our SEO experts will listen to your expectations for your website. They’ll do their best to let you know if your expectations are achievable.

Why Choose Us?

Search Engine Optimization can be confusing, and being confused about SEO will most likely lead towards some terrible decision making.  Malaysian SEO Services is a Malaysian based company located in Subang Jaya, Selangor.  We can help guide your SEO campaign by providing short term SEO consultation at the fraction of the cost of a full blown SEO package.  Most likely you or your team can save money by performing many of the tasks needed to rank your targeted keywords. Once your business starts booming, you can handover your seo work to our experienced staff.

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